The mandate of the SODT is to manage the financial responsibilities of all member Clubs, with relation to affiliation fees, player cards, referee fees and transport.

Each membership Club will make a payment in two parts to the SODT. Prior to the commencement of both rounds in the League. The SODT will only cover the arrangements for the duration of the League. No other competition before, during or after the season. The member Clubs would need to fund themselves for those periods.

The SODT will operate with Service Providers by means of contractual agreements to fulfill its mandate of ensuring all Clubs recieve their required assistance.

Match Officials will be remunerated the Thursday before officiating.

Transport will be arranged the Tuesday prior to match weekend.

Clubs can register 22 players on the account of the SODT, who will also cover the affiliation fee.

The SODT drafts Directives as it fulfills its mandate to give its members a clear understanding of its operations. These can be read in conjunction with its Constitution.